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We turn everyday lessons into epic learning dance parties. Check out our YouTube Channel to find a song to go with any lesson.

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Almost 1-in-5 people speak French globally. Looking to become one of them? We have amazing resources to help you get started!
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From infants to adults, people around the world are excited to learn how to communicate in English. Why not make it fun?
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My pre-school aged kids absolutely love BASHO & FRIENDS! I am amazed at how much foreign language they have picked up. They are so inquisitive at this age, it’s the perfect time to expose them to other languages.

Kristen Minutoli

Our whole family enjoys listening to BASHO & FRIENDS. It’s something we can do together and I catch my son reciting lyrics all the time. It’s refreshing to find some kids tunes that are educational AND adults can actually enjoy.

Ryan Lapa

I studied Spanish in school but never really learned it. When my daughter was born, I knew I didn't want her to be monolingual like me! We've both been listening to BASHO & FRIENDS. I already feel like I know more than I did after five semesters of college Spanish!

Christina Rexrode

I love Basho's videos because they are educational, fun, catchy, upbeat, and positive. They're always a fun addition to every lesson and it gets the kids up and moving which is super important in middle school.

Spanish teacher Cristina Keeton

Hi, we’re Holy Frijoles Español and we have to say that our students LOVE BASHO & FRIENDS songs! They are catchy, entertaining but most of all educational.

Holy Frijoles Español Jeanine & Lissa

BASHO & FRIENDS is so awesome and has helped my toddler (and me too lol) learn so much Spanish. My 2yo knows how to say the alphabet in Spanish and even count to 10. He loves the videos too. So educational and a favorite in our home!

Homeschool mom shelby disu

Dear Basho! We finished your whole video curriculum! My girls loved it. This was their first time ever studying a language and you did a fabulous job introducing it. They are so excited about everything they learned and want to continue learning. We consider you our Spanish teacher :)

Jessica Beckerman

At just two years old the twins discovered BASHO & FRIENDS on YouTube while searching Spanish abcs. In a few weeks time, those catchy tunes had these kids singing their Spanish abcs, numbers and colors. Now at three years old they know some greetings and shapes in Spanish too.

Kristi Jobbins - Hazel & Azariah's mom

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