New Spanish Lesson Packs | Help your kids learn Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS

New Spanish Lesson Packs | Help your kids learn Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS

We’re excited to debut the first version of our new BASHO & FRIENDS Lesson Packs! Each workbook is tailored for ages 3-10, uniquely developed to accompany our music videos with 20+ pages of supporting activities in the form of word games, lessons, flash cards, and more. Workbooks are currently available as digital PDF downloads and can be purchased in the online store.

Keep in mind that while only some of the lesson packs are available now, we’re working non-stop adding to our 45 and growing video courses, so be sure to stay in touch for updates! 

These lesson packs are truly a milestone for the BASHO & FRIENDS team. On a personal note, I’ve been working and collaborating with Basho for around 8 years and we’ve spent thousands of hours creating learning songs and music videos for YouTube, so to see the BASHO & FRIENDS community support this collection of content so it can find a home and purpose outside of YouTube is amazing. Our hope is these workbooks make your life just a little bit easier in the classroom and, over time, we can use your feedback to hone in and optimize the lessons.

Interested in flipping through the pages? Fill out the form below for an online preview.


If you like what you see, the first two available lesson packs are linked below at a discounted rate for a limited time.


Parts of the Body | Baila con tu cuerpo Digital Lesson Pack


Alphabet | Órale el alfabeto Digital Lesson Pack


We can’t express enough how thankful we are for your continued support. There’s been a lot of learning happening on our side in figuring out how to make all of this a reality and it’s inspiring to see our community continue to grow and offer feedback. We genuinely couldn’t have done it without you and we’re grateful that you’re here!

- Chris H. (Community Manager)